Less Is Bliss

Rock, Alternative/Independent, Punk/Hardcore aus Stuttgart, seit 2016

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Less Is Bliss are Robin (vocals and guitar), Flo (drums) and Alex (bass). Combining influences of Punkrock, Alternative, Prog Rock and New Metal, Less Is Bliss create a distinct alternative rock sound that is best served live and loud.
After moving to Stuttgart (Germany), Rob and Flo (both being a musical menace to society with several years of experience in live gigging and songwriting) teamed up and founded Less Is Bliss in 2016. Doing time in the rehearsing room as well as in the recording studio, their creativity culminated in a first, self-titled EP featuring 4 tracks full of excellent songwriting, grittle and spit.
Check SoundCloud and Facebook to get a glimpse of the LiB-Sound
In search of a bass player to c (...) Mehr anzeigenomplete the band, they stumbled over Alex, who immediately loved the band͛s kick ass attitude. Now they hit the road and if they happen to come near you: don't miss 'em! Weniger anzeigen


Robin Berg

Sänger, Songwriter, Gitarrist

Flo Kleininger



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