Lia Lane

I listen to and study a large variety of music and therefore I have many stylistic influences including jazz, pop, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, classical, funk, soul and hip-hop. I fuse different elements of these genres together such as in my song ‘Bad Wolf’, aus Graz, seit 2014



Lia Lane is an Australian singer-songwriter, composer and arranger. She currently lives in Graz, Austria where she is undertaking a master’s in jazz composition at the Kunst Universität Graz. She has been songwriting since a very young age and it has always been her biggest musical passion.

Lia studied composition, percussion and jazz at university. She plays piano, drums/percussion and sings. She arranges her original compositions for a large ensemble that includes vocals, piano, guitar, drums, bass, percussion (e.g. vibraphone/congas), strings and a horn section. In 2014 Lia recorded and self-produced an EP titled ‘Silver Echoes.’

Lia’s biggest influences for songwriting are Kimbra, The Cat Empire, Meg Mac, Amy Winehouse and Hiatus Kaiyote. She listens to and studies a large variety (...) Mehr anzeigenof music and therefore has many stylistic influences including jazz, pop, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, classical, funk, soul and hip-hop. She fuses different elements of these genres together resulting in a kaleidoscopic pattern of sounds. An example of this is her song ‘Bad Wolf’, which has funk and samba-inspired drum grooves, jazz chord progressions, a horn section feature and rapping-type rhyming. Coming from a jazz background Lia also likes to feature improvised solos in her music. Lyrics are extremely important to her and she spends a great deal of time writing and developing them. Signature traits of her songs are rapid rhythmic lyrics and intricate rhyming schemes.

Lia is a singer and pianist but her primary instrument is percussion, which is really a family that encompasses hundreds of instruments. This choice of instrument shows her penchant for not wanting to stick to one particular thing but to rather explore as much as she possibly can, be it instruments or musical styles.

Lia is also a lover of the arts in general and is passionate about collaborating with other artists and art forms such as filmmakers and photographers. She attended the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts for four years. During this time she wrote music for almost every department, collaborating with the composition, jazz, classical and percussion departments as well as musical theatre students, dancers, actors, directors and producers at the WA Screen Academy. She often finds inspiration in other art forms and collaboration and is also a visual artist, writer and photographer herself.

Lia’s short-term goals are to compose, arrange and record a full album of her original songs with a large ensemble and tour in Europe. She aims to be a professional musician focusing on songwriting, composing, arranging and performing. Weniger anzeigen


Amelia Jutilane

Sängerin, Pianistin, Schlagzeugerin, Percussionistin, Vibraphonistin, Keyboarderin, Conga Spielerin


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