Me In A Million

Posthardcore aus Saarbrücken, seit 2013


ME IN A MILLION are exactly the band that stands out from the masses and unites overwhelming potential, mighty sound and perfect songs to take the post-hardcore scene by storm in 2014. With their powerful breakdowns, soulful vocals and distinctive choruses there is no mistaking why this six-piece from south-western Germany attracts a global audience.

The band's history so far closely resembles the unachievable dream of every ambitious musician – but ME IN A MILLION also experienced darker sides during their journey. In March 2013, the six musicians around vocalists Julian Coles and Lukas Conrad got on a plane and started their trip to Florida. In the coming weeks they recorded their debut-album “Still In The Balance” in the famous Chango Studios alongside Cameron Mizell, who is renowned (...) Mehr anzeigenfor the recordings of many of the greats of the genre like THE WORD ALIVE, SLEEPING WITH SIRENS, A SKYLIT DRIVE, CAPTURE THE CROWN, WOE, IS ME and many other popular artists.

“Cameron and us just clicked. When we played our pre-recordings to him, he instantly knew what the finished songs had to sound like. The experience to work with such a creative producer is incomparable. We all without a doubt wanted the Chango-Sound – but what we got in the end is even better: The sound of Chango in a Million!” (Daniel Weiland, guitar)

What seems to be a vision out of reach for most bands – especially those from Europe – became reality for ME IN A MILLION with their very first album. But what sounds easy at first proved to be hard work. The band prepared for months for its most important mission to date, they wrote songs and focused on every detail. And when they weren’t locked up in their rehearsal room, they worked their asses off in their jobs to get the money they needed for the pricey trip to the US.

When the ten songs were finally done, ME IN A MILLION not only looked back on an exciting time, but also on an impressive list of features from famous guests. Among them are Lou Miceli and Mindless X2 of PALISADES, Tyler Carter of ISSUES, Jeffrey Wellfare of CAPTURE THE CROWN and also Cameron Mizell and Shawn Christmas.

“We were incredibly happy and – at the same time – sad that we had to leave. We felt like we could easily record another ten songs with Cameron, that’s how much fun we had. But at the same time one thing became clear: Now we are settled to blow away the post-hardcore landscape at home. Right now, we’re more than close to it – we think that we’ve made a fantastic album, and finally it’s time to play it live.” (Max Fuss, drums)

Loaded with energy and ready for action, ME IN A MILLION returned to Germany. But back at home, their project that had gained momentum all the time suddenly seemed to falter. Discussions with potential partners took a lot longer than expected and weeks went by without any promising results. The album’s title “Still In The Balance” began to carry more and more meaning for the musicians – more than they had ever expected.

Finally, at the end of 2013 this exceptional band got the attention of Redfield Records after they had self-released the single “PaniK”. Things started to move forward again! In March 2014, the debut-album of ME IN A MILLION will be released worldwide on Redfield Records.

ME IN A MILLION starts now! Weniger anzeigen


David Hoffmann



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