Dimi on the R.

singer/songwriter..., Sänger aus Ahlen



Hi folks, I am Dimi.
I am a singer/songwriter and I have been writing songs since I was 14 years old. These songs are about my daily life and about life in general. About things that make me sad and things that make me happy. They are about things that inspire me but also about things that catch me by surprise. About situations that I gladly remember but also about situations in which I did not know how to continue without music. Music is a language. It is the only language that everyone understands. No matter if you are big or small, black or white, young or old. Music connects people, music spreads joy and makes us forget pain and sorrow. How would life be without music and without our own personal soundtrack? So what does that all have to do with me? I am one of those people that wants (...) Mehr anzeigento share a part of his life with one or the other song. So thank you very much for listening to my songs and supporting me as an artist.

cheers, Dimi. Weniger anzeigen


Dimi on the R. & the Firesuckers

singer/songwriter mit ein schuß Firesucker style... aus Ahlen


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