Eka Abalaki

Singer-songwriter/performer, Klassik-Sängerin aus Köln



Hi, I am a Georgian singer-songwriter & performer. I moved to Koln a month ago and looking for musicians to perform live gigs or record songs for Social Media channels.
My music is a mix of soulful vocals, dark electric beats, and empowering lyrics. I draw inspiration from musicians like Jorja Smith, Pharrel Williams, Rosalia, Bruno Mars, James Blake, and Tom Misch.
I relaunched my singing career after moving to Amsterdam in 2018. My first release was the single “Free Me”. I self-directed the music video accompanying this song. It was shot in the streets of Tbilisi, the capital of my home country. I have also released two more singles, “On My Own” and “Better Than You”.


I started my career as a singer and performer at the early age of 12. I participated in many national and international contests. I even performed live on national TV shows. Yet, I felt the need to change and grow. In 2015, I moved to the UK to focus on education and self-discovery. I received my MSc. in Branding and Marketing and got in close contact with western culture for the first time in my life. The time I spend in the UK was pivotal to my life. After many years trying to become a “proper adult”, I realized what my true calling is — being on the stage and making music.

In 2020, I decided to fully dedicate my life to music. I started playing and experimenting with new musical ideas. I am currently working with producers on six different songs to find my own voice. Each song explores (...) Mehr anzeigen the unique aspects of my multicolored identity. I am on track to releasing all six of them by the end year. Weniger anzeigen

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