Luca Bonometti

Gitarrist aus Köln
Gitarrist bei --- und bei New melodic death metal project



Born and raised in Italy, I've started playing guitar 20 years ago.
I've been involved in various projects, from prog metal (Brain Heart Infusion IT), to melodic death metal (Disagio IT), besides different personal projects, like Dissonant Silence (prog metal) and my own electric/acoustic The Meeting.
Since 2013 I play guitar with FolkStone, an Italian folk-rock band born in 2004. I played more than 140 concerts with them all over Italy and Europe.
Folkstone’s music combines electric and medieval instruments. Since 2012 the band has its own label Folkstone Records, distributes by Audioglobe and Universal.
PERSONAL RELEASES : The Fugitive (Brain Heart Infusion, 2007, prog metal); Oltre..L’Abisso (Folkstone –2014); Dissonant Silence (2016, recorded in 2011, prog metal), Ossidiana (Folkstone (...) Mehr anzeigen– 2017, produced by Tommy Vetterli of Coroner), The Meeting EP (2018, acoustic electric instrumental rock), Diario di un Ultimo + Live DVD (Folkstone - 2019) Weniger anzeigen



Melodic Death Metal / Swedish Death Metal / Metalcore aus Köln

New melodic death metal project

Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore / Thrash aus Köln


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