Mario Talocco

Schlagzeuger aus Roccasecca dei Volsci


Italian drummer, 26 y.o., play drums since I was 9 and graduated in a private academy in Rome. Live experience on stage with several band in Russia, Belarus, Estonia with "Sviet Margot" supporting "Poets of the fall" and "The 69 eyes";in Romania with "Pierluca Salvatore" (X Factor 2017, 2nd place) and Germany (ZDF - Fernsehgarten, with "5 Sensi", and Kieler Woche 2019 with "5 Sensi". I recorded 5 albums in studio, "5 Sensi", "Melodies from the ashes" and "The nightside of my heart" with the band "5 Sensi", "Glance to infinity" with the band "Sviet Margot" and "Small town, good wine and sad people" with the band "Blueside".
I love music, I can read music notations and play along with a click track if backing tracks are needed. I can move worldwide for an occupation within music; would like (...) Mehr anzeigento tour with bands or single artists.
Give me a chance, I'm so hungry about live music! Weniger anzeigen

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