Richard Drummond

Sänger, Songwriter, Keyboarder, Gitarrist, Producer, Dirigent aus Seeheim
Sänger, Songwriter, Keyboarder, Gitarrist, Producer bei The 80s Band und Sänger bei Hard Cover



Richard Drummond is a singer, songwriter, musician & producer from Santa Monica, California, who currently lives in Germany
35+ Years stage experience as Lead Singer and Guitarist/Keyboarder
Average: 20-40 concerts a year

Richard's Talents:
Lead Singer
Composing / Songwriting
Music Recording

Current Activity:
- Working on further original Songs, in the rock/pop/Indie & acoustic genres .
- Recording and Producing songs for the O & R Project.
Live activities:
- Lead Singer with the group "Hard Cover" - a classic rock cover band with semi-professional status in central Germany.
-Lead Singer, Guitarist with the group "80S"
-Lead Singer, "Very Moore" - A Gary Moore Tribute Band
- Previously: Lead Singer, Acoustic Guitarist with the Unplugged Duo "Syndicate"
- (...) Mehr anzeigenPreviously: Lead Singer, Guitarist & Keyboards with his Group "Ventura"

In 1965 Richard's mother won the New York metropolitian opera competition. The first prize was a scholarship at the Wagner theater in Bayreuth, Germany. After this scholarship his mother was offered many contracts to sing at various major opera houses in Germany and throughout Europe. With the growing success of his mother, Richard and his family moved to Germany. "Margaret Ann Drummond" eventually became a well known name within the opera world and went on to sing with many major opera stars, had several TV Performances and was one of the most prominent female opera voices in Germany during her carreer.

With this musical influence. Richard had a natural interest in music and aquaintance with instruments and musical sounds from early on. As a 14-year old he jobbed in his summer vacation to be able to buy his first electric guitar. At this time he was influenced by many guitarists such as Santana, Tom Scholz (Boston), Neal Schon (Journey), Steve Lukather (Toto), Gary Moore, Ian Crichton (Saga) and many more.
As a 17-year old he formed his first rock band with friends from school. His band mates put a mircophone in front of him and said: "You're american, you have to sing!" So that is how Richard started out to be a singer. As he says today: "I sounded like Mickey Mouse trying to sing and it took a long time, before my mother came around and said: If you don't stop yelling around like that, you are going to ruine your voice!" So with a few valuable tips from his mom and many year practice, Richard focused more and more on being a singer, even more than his role as guitarist.
A few years later and after performing in several bands, Richard decided that the music he was writing just didn't sound the way he intended it to be, once the band "interpreted" his ideas. So he started to teach himself all the instruments he needed to be able to compose and record the music, the way he intended it to be.

Soon Richard was playing guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and singing on his own music recordings. Drum computers took over the role of the drummer and with the development of portable studios, which used compact cassettes, recording music at home became feasable. This is where the producing started for Richard.
After more than 30 years Richard has written numerous songs and has established himself as a singer, songwriter and live performer in his regional area. His audience loves his stage presence and his ability to entertain and capture audiences during the live performances.
Richard is currently focusing on promoting his music on a wider basis and is interested in working closer together with a music label or distribution partner.
As he explains today: "Music was my first love, but a solid basis for livng and being able to support my family seemed to be the most important issue as a young man. Today I have had a lot of success on a regional basis. It is certainly not about money, but being able to perform to my audiences and sharing the music that I love" Weniger anzeigen


The 80s Band

The Best Music of the Decade! - aus Seeheim-Jugenheim

Hard Cover

Rock aus Darmstadt

Rode NT-1A
Steinberg Cubase
Shure Beta58A
M-Audio Oxigen 61
Fender Precision Bass
Takamine Acoustic Guitar
Fender Stratocaster
Gibson Les Paul
KRK Rokit 8
M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
Toontrack Easydrummer
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