william krull

producer/recording engineer/writer/keyboard/mixing engineer, MC/Rapper aus Ludwigshafen
MC/Rapper bei My Dun Duggiez


In 2014, when My Dun Duggiez met, in Mannheim, Germany, they had no idea that six years later, their music would create such a electrifying story.

My Dun Duggiez are Blaze, Pat haze, Simon Sayz, & Magic Man Michi.

My Dun Duggiez, known for their party style music and fun loving live shows, bring together their influences from 90’s Rap to Funk, Soul, R&B, and Rock to create the original My Dun Duggiez Hip Hop sound. As of current, this humble, hard working, and diligent foursome is in the studio creating their sophomore album “Westside 2 Mannheim” while continuing to tour and expand their fanbase.

See Full Bio @ mydunduggiez.com


My Dun Duggiez

Live Hip Hop with a twist if R'n'B, Rock, and Funk aus Mannheim


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