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40231 Düsseldorf

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Rubrik: Bassist sucht Mitmusiker (Sänger/in, Gitarrist/in, Schlagzeuger/in, Keyboarder/in)
Genre: Pop, Rock, Alternative/Independent, Funk
Anspruch: Nebenprojekt, Ambitioniert
Skill: Anfänger, Fortgeschritten
Songmaterial: nicht vorhanden
Proberaum: nicht vorhanden


I know it might look weird that a beginner/ intermediate Bass player is searching for people to start a band with but I always wanted to give it a try! So about me, my Name is Sam, am 27 years young and I learn/ play Bass.
I hope to find people here who don't feel intimidated by someone who mainly speaks English and would share my enthusiasm for music in the style of bands like The Black Keys, Greta van Fleet, Royal Blood, Foster the People, yadda yadda.. you get what I mean.
Currently I don't have a rehearsal room yet but if I would find some other musicians, I think it would get much easier.
I already had the pleasure to play a few times with a drummer but sadly she is not available at the moment, so no matter if you have even less experience with a live musician, I wouldn't mind it (...) Mehr anzeigen.
So if this is not a turn down for you I would be happy to hear from you!
Cheers! Weniger anzeigen


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Musikalischer Werdegang

I am listening to everything I like that feels good and I am trying out everything I can just to hone my skills.
Currently I am learning bass at the Music Academy in Düsseldorf, but I had already the chance to gain some small experience with a drummer and was able to just jam for a bit!
So please don't feel awkward to write me!
p.s: I also speak German I only prefer English for myself!


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