Turntablism / Sample Deconstruction / Breakcore / Experimental Sample Music aus Würzburg, seit 2008


Label: mute-audio(label)


mute.art is a Turntablist, Producer, Sound Designer, Musician, Audio-Deconstructor and Sample-Manipulator.

Growing up in a small place in Germany, mute was soon addicted to the art of creating music with audio samples and random instruments. As he always was and still is a nerd – movies, gaming and the abstract things in life are his biggest influences in creating and defining sound.

It is hard to describe the sound of mute.art as he always skips from one genre to another. He is not trapped in musical boundaries because there are way too many different things in his life he gets deeply inspired by.
In the beginning of 2008 mute decided to build up his own recording studio and began his professional work as a musician and producer / sound engineer at “mute- audio(labs)”. From that moment (...) Mehr anzeigenon shit was getting ridiculous. In his career as a freelancer he already worked with many creative people that his mind is stuffed with musical ideas – way too much to get them done!

As a result of consuming so much inspirations in everyday life, mute.art is a part of many projects. He is working on solo music- and art projects, founded a punk band and tries hard to encourage and support artists as the founder of mute-audio(label).

visit: mute-audiolabel.com...muteart Weniger anzeigen


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