Experimental, IDM, Drum n' Bass aus Frankfurt am Main, seit 2003

ohrchitekt.de; ohrchitekt.myownmusic.de


Hier meine englische Kurz-Bio:

My name is Carsten Lehmann a.k.a. OHRCHITEKT. I was born 1979 in
Cottbus and live in Frankfurt am Main for almost 13 years now. I create
music since 2001, mainly in an experimental-electronic way.

The beginning of my musical interests go back to my childhood and my mother’s kitchen, when i used to drum the “kitchens instruments”. Later on, i continued using the music programs offered by SONY-Playstation one and two. I only have little vinyl experience, which i gained on private shows and partys.

Since i managed to handle PC’s from 1999 on, i make my music (a mix of Acid/ Downbeat/ TripHop/ Industrial/ Drum&Bass Sounds) on my lovely MAC till this day.

My first solo-release at the netLabel pharmacom-productions:
“OHRCHITEKT: klappe die zwote“ was r (...) Mehr anzeigeneleased on 07.01.2007 Weniger anzeigen

  1. Harmonic Terror Kommentar
  2. Acoustic Enema (Acoustic Enema, 2010)Kommentar
  3. Welcome (Racing Start, 2009)Kommentar

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