Celtic Roots Music aus Weinheim, seit 2006



Pure and vibrant Celtic Roots Music – no frills, no stupid hats, no silly costumes!
Songs from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Brittany in a contemporary, surprisingly fresh manner.
With highly distinct vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, accordion, violin, a handful of less common instruments such as bodrhàn, mandolin, low whistle, and cittern, Sainge create their own, unique style. Sainge visibly have a hell of a good time on stage. No wonder that their shows are truly infectious and their fun and energy spread to everyone in the audience immediately. Indulge in Sainge's enthralling, inspiring songs that are always packed with emotion! Lsten and relax, let go, get involved and participate!
The group was originally formed in 2006 by two experienced and perfectly matching mus (...) Mehr anzeigenicians: Christian von Salomon (acoustic, electric, and synthesizer guitars, mandolin, vocals), on the one hand, is a highly talented guitarist, whose roots are acoustic fingerstyle guitar music as well as classic Rock and Blues. His counterpart Ulf Hilzenbecher (acoustic guitars, lead vocals, Irish bouzouki, cittern, bodhràn, whistles) is quite an institution in Folk Rock. He was a founding member of the band »Glaz« in the late 80ies (not to be confused with its Breton namesake from the same era. Some band members met a few times, however). He also formed the Folkrock six-piece »Trouz« about 15 years ago.
Within next to no time, Sainge gained an outstanding reputation for their inspiring shows and have won a solid fan base. »Pubs and Stages«, the first album of the duo, was released in 2008. Recorded live it nicely conveys the inimitable atmosphere of a Sainge performance.
In 2010, Ferdi Reissmann (accordion) joined Sainge. Having played eastern European folk, Klezmer, and Jazz for a good decade, squeezebox virtuoso Reissmann, who had already gained a certain reputation as a proficient instrumentalist in his home region, now adds some extra flavour to the typical Sainge style. In late 2012, bass player Reiner Rück, who has been spicing up the band sound with his unwavering groove at a couple of occasions, became the fourth permanent band member, and in early 2014 former session fiddle player Ditschi Maurer joined Sainge. Weniger anzeigen


Hilou Hilou

Sänger, Gitarrist, Bassist, Percussionist, Songwriter, Bandleader, Producer, Soundtechniker


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