Seraphim Falls

Metal fucking Core aus Gelnhausen, seit 2011



Seraphim Falls is a five piece Metalcore band from Hessian, Germany, which formed in 2011. They have been working hard on writing music and are playing shows all over the country. After a heavy number of early member changes, Seraphim Falls put up their current line up in May 2013.

Since their Inception they have built up a strong and constantly growing fan base. Heavily influenced by bands such as Parkway Drive, August Burns Red and As I lay dying they create hard metal riffs and groovy breakdowns combined with catchy melodies.

Seraphim Falls has a high work ethic and has recorded their first EP in January 2013. They are organizing many shows for bands in their hometown. So they had guests from France, Slovenia, England, Austria and Belgium. Seraphim Falls is part of a very connected s (...) Mehr anzeigencene of musicians that help each other to do what they love - playing awesome shows and having a good time.

What is making this band different to others, is that they’ve gone through many struggles and not only a few bands would have split up at this point. They continued because they believe in what they do and what they are.

They have done all of the above with love and heart and on their own. To this day they are label independent, self-managed, self-funded and until now self-booked.

Vocals – Basti
Leadguitar – Chris
Rhythmguitar - tba
Bass – Kai
Drums – Martin

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Band Contact:
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Chris Seraphim



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