Soul BJ

Urban Vocal aus Bamberg, seit 2008


"Soul BJ" is a brand new group from Germany, although the group was founded in 2008. Julee Beatz & Hollywood create a new Genre, which is the badest, rawest & freshest wave in the music industry nowadays.
They have Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Dance, Beatbox, R'n'B and so many other things, that nothing else defines their style better than 'Urban Vocal'.

Their unique and new style opens up the door to a new dimension of music, vibes & especially Vocal Performances. Their Acapella Styles cannot be compared to anything else that is out there right now. They can flow to normal beats but they actually don't need them, they also can do without & we guarantee after the first time you've seen them live on stage, you will fall in love with them immediately & carry home your own "Soul BJ" Vibes!

In 201 (...) Mehr anzeigen3 they will release their debut album, which will be available worldwide! Weniger anzeigen


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