Hard-Rock, Rock, Metal aus Frankfurt am Main, seit 1989



Welcome to the world of SYDER!!!

SYDER was formed in 1989 by Berny Pezalla. A guitarplayer from Frankfurt, Germany. The band played some great and cool shows in Germany as well as some gigs with the band SINNER, festivals with German musicians like Hans Hartz, Joy Flemming, Klaus Lage and many more.

One of the highlights as they played 3 times at the Alte Oper Frankfurt, Germany.

We´ve recorded the first CD "May Night" and we kept working hard and the result went also very well. The critics where fantastic, high price item on E-bay.

After some line-up changes and a break and time-out Berny and Sascha found in Martin Music Bass, Billy R. Limpert and the original lead singer Maggy Marquardt some awesome musician to rock the nations again.

Right now we´re working on several stuff... reco (...) Mehr anzeigenrding the new SYDER CD "Heaven Can Wait" as well as on an unplugged album. The new songs will be loaded after finishing the recordings.

Thx to all our fans out there.

See ya. :-)) Weniger anzeigen


Sascha Siebenlist

Sänger, Schlagzeuger, Cajónist, Komponist, Producer

Bernd Pezalla

Gitarrist, Keyboarder, Songwriter, Producer


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