Take Abe

Filmmusik aus Kyoto City , seit 2009



My name is Takehiko Abe. I am a Japanese musician and a fine artist based on Tokyo, Japan.

Music :
I began to play bass from 12 years old, and played music in some rock bands in Tokyo. In the other side, I have composed contemporary music and soundtracks for some independent movies.
I started activity since 2008 as "Take Abe". I compose tunes from some scenes and some visual images floating in my mind, with playing musical instruments and not musical instruments. If you imagine or feel something by those tunes, I am honored. My first album "Cinemascape" was released on 2008.
The 2nd. album "Pray" will be released January, 2011.

Fine art :
I have begun to exhibit and sell my small visual works at Harajuku street, Tokyo etc. The part of those works are "art works 02". Afterwards I held the (...) Mehr anzeigen exhibition at galleries in Tokyo, Kyoto, etc. several times. "Art works 01" are a part of those exhibitions. I'm stopping the fine art creation for concentration on music work temporarily now. I'll restart in the future. Weniger anzeigen


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