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Surf Pop aus Nancy

Stereocrown (p.n.) [sti'(r)ioˈkraʊn]: Pop rock band from France. Associating catchy choirs with energetic riffs, their songs provide the freshness of a successful cocktail. Their unusual style a (...)


Indie Rock/Alternative Cold Wave aus Metz

OSTED is an indie rock band hailing from Metz, in the North East of France. Their recent releases “YOU DANCE”, “FACES”, and “THE SUN, DARLING” showcase the band’s ability to experiment with dyna (...)


Electronica/Dance / Disco House / Electronique / Expérimental/ Techno aus Metz

Dj-NCF_Dj-N-C-F_WORLDWIDE and LHOMMENONDECEVANT_WORLDWIDE My links in the world http://djncf.wordpress.com/ and http://djncfworldwide.wordpress.com/ (( see my links on my blog for my friends inv (...)