Veil of Mist

dark/progressive/symphonic Metal aus Reims, seit 2004

Label: Valkyrie Rising   Management/Booking: Veil of Mist


Veil of Mist was founded in October 2004 in Reims (North-Eastern France). At the origin of the band forming is the long-standing collaboration between Frederic (guitar) and Jean-Baptiste (bass), which started in the band Dereliction in 1999 but when that band split up in 2001, nothing concrete could be done until they met Gautier (drums). Then the band started to rehearse during the fall 2004 with a female singer and a second guitarist who left the band a few months later.
The band was set in full working order again from June 2005 when they were joined by Malou (vocals) who enabled them to put the final touches to their first songs.
Four of them are available on the first demo of the band entitled "Industry of Guilt" released October, 25th, 2006. Since then, the band has been played live (...) Mehr anzeigenas often as possible in France and abroad. They recorded three new songs in August 2007 among, of which two were put online by the end of the year. That "Dangling Hopes" demo that has been available on CD for sometime. Voiceless again for a few months in 2008, they were successively joined by three singers and two guitarists. They have recorded their first album "Disenchantment" with their new singer Amandine now. On May, 13th, 2016 the album has been been released digitally worldwide. The release of the physical edition (with one more track) has been on September,30, 2016 in France; October,28,2016 in Switzerland and November,11, 2016 in BeNeLux. In November 2016 the band has become Band of the Month of the US radio show Women of Metal. Weniger anzeigen




  1. Tomorrow Kommentar
  2. Scarecrow (Scarecrow, 2016)Kommentar
  3. Fanè (Fané, 2016)Kommentar

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