New Wave, Next Wave, Glam, Post Punk aus wien, seit 1997



"they are the perfect combination of strokes and franz ferdinand, bagging riffing tastic"
(molly chambers and a&r team of KARMADOWNLOAD.com - UK)

Over the last 8 Years zeronic played every possible venue in Austria, doin small or big stages, playin support Shows for Queens of the Stoneage, KS Choice and in front of an 10 000 Audience as Support of Bryan Adams. And they have made two records, "High Life" in 2001, and "Feel the Nothing" in 2003. Both received very good press and a nomination for the Austrian Music Awards, the Amadeus.

After many years collecting experience in the music biz - now, the borders are broken. All signs are good and they set up their third release for 2005.

So watch out for them, they are ready to explode...


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