She Says

She Says

Release von Arik Dov

: 31.05.2017
Produktion: DIY
Label: Selbstvertrieb

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I had it all figured out
A simple equation to touch the clouds
Dreams took me from my sleep
I turned into who I want to be
Hope was a smile on my mouth
And I was a raindrop falling down, down down

I was oh so insecure
Trapped in my mind and body
Will I ever get it down on the page
Another year, another phase
Another reason to run away
What am I figuring out?
I ain’t religious, but to you I am devout

She says:
“Quit your worries and carry on”

Though I know that I am free
I still feel like a washed up whale on the beach
Can you hear me scream
There’s a tension that I need to release
Never ending search for inner peace
Don’t wanna be the story of the guy who went crazy from digging too deep
And it’s so tough to keep it real
I’ve got open wounds bleeding cuz’ I’m selling all my feelings
I’m a warrior without a shield
What do I really know?
She says that I have got a soft, soft soul

She says:
“Quit your worries and carry on”
She says, that I’m the one