Arik Dov

Arik Dov is a multi-instrumentalist and writer from San Francisco, singing heartwarming indie-folk songs since 2015. aus Leipzig, seit 2015


Label und Management: Possibly Sam


Playing heartfelt and sentimental indie-folk, enriched by his gentle yet powerful vocals and thoughtful lyrics, Arik Dov carries on the folk tradition of the greats that walked before him. With a prolific catalogue of over 300 songs, Arik has been releasing his music since 2015, with 3 full-length albums and 2 EPs, including his sold-out show and first live album, Live at Horns Erben, Leipzig (3/16/19).

As Arik began to gain the attention of his audience all over Europe, he began to expand and rethink the traditional folk music he was raised on, with the help of German experimental bassist, artist and producer, Martin “Malo” Riebel, harnessing a more dynamic and orchestral approach to his music. A voice reminiscent of Yusuf / Cat Stevens, and lyrics similar to that of the The Avett Broth (...) Mehr anzeigeners, Arik’s music is merely an autobiographical depiction of his moments in time, songs of love, loss, hope, and everything in between. Weniger anzeigen


Malo H.

Komponist, Bassist, Ukulelespieler, Cellist, Kontrabassist


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