Agnès Milewski & A Mile of Sky

Art rock, folk pop, lots of energy and all the emotions. aus Wien, seit 2000



Agnès Milewski and A Mile of Sky
Singer/songwriter Agnès has been around the block for a while now, producing excellently written songs in the folky/ art-rock genre, surprising her audience with the unique richness and blend of styles and a beautiful singing voice.
Ever felt like getting goosebumps and wanting to dance at the same time? Well, search no more! Agnés Milewski and her excellent backing band A Mile of Sky will give you both.
Agnes started out as a solo artist in 2007, received the Newcomer Award 2008 Austria, recorded 4 albums in total, got airplay in Austria, Germany, UK, Poland, and France, toured all over Europe, in 2018 she recorded an EP with her live band A MILE OF SKY that was released the same year. Currently, she is working on new material and is accepting booking requ (...) Mehr anzeigenests from all over the world! agnesmilewski.com Weniger anzeigen


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