Figure It Out

Figure It Out

Release von EVERDEEN

: 29.03.2019
Label: RecordJet

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“Figure It Out” - Moody and trancelike yet catchy and driving, reminiscent of synth pop and post punk of the 80s yet unmistakably fresh and modern. The song was produced by German underground legend Ralv Milberg who used a combination of vintage and digital gear to give the track a dirty, retro feel. Nostalgic synth strings, hypnotic guitar patterns, and pulsating drums and bass kick off this dark pop number. Female vocals deliver half-chanted lyrics heavy with symbolism as guitar feedback and electronic textures ebb and flow over the driving beat. The chorus explodes with a danceable energy, marked by an austere vocal hook, half blunt observation, half command: “Figure it out/you’re just trying to/figure it out”.