Dark & Dreamy Indie Pop/Rock aus Stuttgart, seit 2016


Label: RAR / Motor Entertainment


After having generated a considerable amount of buzz among Southern Germany’s prospering indie music scene, Everdeen is ready for the next step. Or leap, more like: With their new record “Stay”, they once and for all shed the garments of melancholic, introvert indie dreamers only to reveal their true self beneath, embracing the world. Breathing both cosmopolitan chutzpah as well as ethereal longing, “Stay” boldly navigates to unknown horizons, discovering new territories and flavors for their otherworldly indie rock.

Formed by San Franciscan Ian Stahl and Turkish/German singer Sümeyra on the sun-drenched west coast of the United States, both eventually relocated to Stuttgart. Once established there, they let their sound prosper and ripen with the help of local drummer Thommy Mross and bas (...) Mehr anzeigensist Danny Pflumm. A truly intercontinental trio was born, consequently producing a sound that’s less focused on a specific place and is competing with international standards born in the UK or Scandinavia. Thus, “Stay” isn’t only their strongest release yet, brimming with wonderfully atmospheric songs; it’s also their most poignant, confident work so far, culminating in triumphantly climaxing walls of sound.

Natural evolution made them become more accessible while at the same time preserving this ghostly aura artists like Florence + the Machine or London Grammar breathe. This leads to gems like the euphorically banging opener “This Place”, an anthem about being stuck in a small town, the bittersweet “Don’t Give Up The Ghost” or the gloriously pushing “Heart Shaped Gutter”. While those tracks represent the wild, the ecstatic and joyous side of the three-piece, songs like the elegiac sundowner “Colours” or the momentous and dramatic ride that is “By The Water” stand for the twilight in their hearts, best consumed after dark. “Stay”, in short, is for the dreamers. For the believers. For the ones who refuse to let hope die even when it’s darkest. In times like these, we have all earned this. Weniger anzeigen


Ian Stahl



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