Release von Fauns

: 2012
Produktion: DIY
Label: Selbstvertrieb

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CD EP, 21 July 2012
(running time: 22:58)

Nén ~ Elvish for 'water' ~ is a collection of three songs inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's Silmarillon and sung in the Elven language Quenya. “Cuiviénen Quenyalambinen” is the Quenya version of an older song from the band's 2007 album “LeafFall”. It tells the story of the Elves' birth by the shores of the Waters of Awakening and their subsequent march to Valinor, the Blessed Realm. “Neni Quenter Nin” ~ 'The Waters spoke to me' ~ tells of Tuor's journey to Gondolin and the voice of Ulmo, God of Waters, who guides him on his errand. “Aldunainie” is a lament for the Two Trees of Valinor, which have been defiled and killed, plunging Valinor into darkness.