The turning tide

The turning tide

Release von RavenFly

: 2011
Produktion: DIY
Label: Selbstvertrieb

  1. Trapped (The turning tide, 2011)Kommentar
  2. The circle is broken (The turning tide, 2011)Kommentar
  3. Into a new time (The turning tide, 2011)Kommentar
  4. Tired of fighting (The turning tide, 2011)Kommentar

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The songs of our CDs are chapters of an unfolding story. It begins on our first album “The turning tide”. It is the story of someone, who is unsatisfied with his life and wants to break free from the chains that bind him. More and more he realises that not only the society, but also deep mental habits imprison him. And he discovers some dark sides of the world he lives in. None the less he feels driven by an inner powerthat leads him on the unknown path to real freedom. .