(Have Yourself) A Very Maudlin Christmas!!

(Have Yourself) A Very Maudlin Christmas!!

Release von The Romantidote

: 30.01.2019
Produktion: DIY
Label: Selbstvertrieb


Christmas is not always, as common wisdom might insist, the most wonderful time of the year. The Romantidote’s 2019 original Christmas song appeals to the slightly cynical Grinch in all of us, but in a wildly fun way. Take guilty pleasure in the playful skewering of the myriad irritations that face us during the festive season: racist uncles, corny decorations and the sheer abundance of food and drink we are made to consume. Spot your family members! Play along at home!
Producer Fabio Buemi (name and name) worked his Christmas magic in bringing together a host of Berlin’s most talented session musicians on trumpet, piano and drums amongst others. The instruments bring the song to life and complement the witty lyrics that are part and parcel of any Romantidote tune. There is even something of a redemptive moment at the song’s end, that amidst all this, we are at least spending these moments surrounded by the ones we love.