Las Vegas Marriage

Las Vegas Marriage

Release von Yellowcakes

: 19.02.2019
Produktion: Ghost City Recordings
Label: Selbstvertrieb

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It feels so convincing now
That I`m invincible
When I`m in your arms

I feel no restrictions now
Since I took this holy vow
No one can break me down

Don`t bother darling
Don’t die of fright!
I will follow you until the morning…
I am the night!

I`m verily the absence of light
I like to have a good time and
Baby if you don’t mind
I`d like to steal just a little of your time
I am the night!

You are the only one
But when I wake up you´re gone
(You`re) leavin` me weary all day long

You follow my every step
But you wouldn`t love me back
As long as you`re here every color turns black

Why do you leave me
You always leave me alone
This fuckin` golden smile only gets me
Twisted and torn
Every day is silent
Every day is grey
Every day is boring
(I`m) waitin` for the fray
Keep the fires lit until the beat kicks in
I will follow you until the morning
I am the night!