Amanda Ghatorra

Live Looping, Alternative, Lo-Fi, Soul/Jazz aus Berlin, seit 2018


Amanda Ghatorra is a portuguese, Berlin based self-taught live-looping artist and producer.

After 3 years of travelling the world and recording her first DIY acoustic EP ’Walk With Me’ while traveling, she finally came back to Germany and is now following her passion of creating and performing music.
Back in Germany, she has given several gigs as a street performer and she also played on different venues and festivals, creating music from scratch with her 2 loopers in front of the audience.

As for the genre of her music, it is hard to put it into a certain category as it is a fusion of different styles, including Soul, Jazz, Electronic, Alternative and Lo-Fi elements.
In her live sets are mainly based on guitar and piano and synth layers, vocal harmonies, beats and different effects.

Am (...) Mehr anzeigenanda Ghatorra is all about live performances, sharing the vibe, experimenting with the soundscape of music and trying out it's endless possibilities to create a sound experience for everyone.
She is a DIY artist and all of her lyrics, compositions, recordings, mixes, productions and artworks are done by herself. Her lyrics are autobiographical.

In the year 2020, she will release several singles she has been working on and, along with some other tracks, will f publish them on her first studio album later that same year. Weniger anzeigen


Amanda Braga Gomes Torrado

Sängerin, Gitarristin, Songwriterin, Musikerin


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