Tuff Sound

Berlin Reggae music with Dub influences aus Berlin, seit 2018


Maxi (git, vocals) really got into Reggae music through some friends and a trip to Australia. One of them (Hanno) is part of the 8 ladies & gentlemen. Hanno (vocals) and Maxi knew Laszlo (trombone) through various different concerts, turn ups and other occasions. Laszlo on the other hand brought Lina (trumpet) and Aaron (sax) to the group. The three are all part of the Berlin based Big Band Jay Jay Bee Cee.
Another friend of Maxi to add to the line up is Tim (keys), after a spontaneous gathering in Townsville, Australia the two decided they couldn’t make reggae music without each other.
The rhythm section’s made up from two fellow Stuvos Silas (drums) and Eddie (bass).


Maxi Hawlata



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