Anil Altintas

Soulfolk, Acoustic-Pop, Alternative aus Tübingen, seit 2011



Melodic guitar tunes paired with a smooth voice - that is Anil Altintas. Making his debut with his single "Sound of Home", he visualizes the sound of the place where one feels the most comfortable, his home. His interest in music began very early, inspired by the turkish melodies he grew up with. Music has always been one core element of getting together, that's why his father decided to let him feel what he experiences everytime he gathered around his friends to celebrate the unique feeling of making music. After being the lead singer of the funk band "Funky Fred" and the LieBigband in Gießen, he wanted to experiment what style of music he feels comfortable in. The result is a unique soul voice that matches perfectly with the his catchy indie- guitar play. Anil Altintas, that is soulfolk (...) Mehr anzeigenfrom Germany. Weniger anzeigen


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