Ant Utama

Pop, Alternative/Independent aus Köln, seit 2019



Ant Utama is a singer-songwriter from New Zealand, now based in Germany. Back home Ant worked a 9-5 job in Marketing, trapped by the security of a steady income. He used to see music as an unattainable dream, but 18 months ago, against the wishes of his parents, he packed up what courage he could fit in a backpack and headed to Germany to follow heart.
Ant found himself busking the streets of Cologne to live and from interactions with friendly passerby’s he realised he wasn’t the only one going through a transformative journey. “So many people are hustling. To change career paths, start new businesses or simply do what makes them happy. Almost all of the time, they were up against the criticism of family and friends.”
Armed with his new experiences and encounters, he found his purpose as a (...) Mehr anzeigenn artist. It was to inspire and encourage people to be brave and pursue their dreams and aspirations, through his music. To help those well on their way continue their momentum and to give those that little push required to take the leap. That is his mission. Weniger anzeigen


Ant Utama



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