Ben Glory

Folk/Pop/Singer/Songwriter/Rock/Country aus Rommerskirchen, seit 2010

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Ben Glory was born in nowhere.
There is not much to say about his childhood.
Most of the time he spent on various merchant ships as a stowaway.
Today he appears to be here and there but nobody can tell where he really stays at. The only thing known about him is that music always attached importance to him.
His first guitar was made out of a moose he hunted down in Mexico when he was about eight years old.
today he strolls along the world enjoying the last few years of his live.
Sometimes you can hear him and is guitar in old pubs or in your dreams.
So if you got a minute left, raise your head and pray for the soul of Ben Glory so that he does not have to spend too much time in the nether regions.

  1. Love To Pretend (A Good Red One EP, 2010)Kommentar
  2. Same Old Stories (A Good Red One EP, 2010)Kommentar
  3. I Like To Play With Guns (A Good Red One EP, 2010)Kommentar
  4. Someday (A Good Red One EP, 2010)Kommentar

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