Rock, Alternative/Independent aus Berlin, seit 2012

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A Blackflies Release would feel at home between a Foo Fighters CD and an early Fiona Apple album. Or maybe next to Sleater Kinney? Or Stone Temple Pilots? ... Sorting is hard.


Georg the guitar, who writes the music has a big pedalboard, he likes to put to good use. So there is that. Also he is in a telepathic beat connection with his brother Jakob on the drums.
Tobi hides his extravagant T-shirt choices behind a Bass. Cylixe writes lyrics. ...and she sings them as well.

For two years now they've been creating their own style and perform their way through Berlin's night life.

  1. Monster (Dinosaurs for Dessert, 2016)Kommentar
  2. Instant Gratification (Dinosaurs for Dessert, 2016)Kommentar
  3. Last Call (Dinosaurs for Dessert, 2016)Kommentar
  4. Heartbeats&Sweat Kommentar

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