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Boomerang was founded in 1996. The band originated from the remains of the former Thrash Metal-band Arcus, where Thomas Fahrnbach, Axel Johann and Stefan Zobel already played together. Here is the story of the band name out of the horses mouth: After Arcus was disbanded, Axel said to Thomas ( he insists to this day, that if he had said it at all, he did so whilst being totally drunk), that he wanted to make music again, and that they would return to the world of heavy metal (heavy music), like a boomerang. And so Boomerang was born. After taking turns at bass and drums for a couple of years Boomerang has a definite line up from 1998 with Andreas Reichard at the drums and from 2001 to 2005 with Stefan Groetzinger at the bass. But Stefan Groetzinger had to leave the band in 2005 and was repl (...) Mehr anzeigenaced by Daniel Schäfer. The demo "Real Unreal" was published in 1999 and was extremely well recieved by the fans of hard melodic music, which lead to national and international interest in Boomerang. The first official long player "Weaveworld" was recorded in 2002. With this album Boomerang reached even more fans and received very good marks in many metal magazines: 5 of 7 points in Metal Hammer, 7,5 of 10 points in Rock Hard and 13 of 15 points in Bright Eyes. Since the release of Weaveworld Boomerang is a well liked and heavily booked live band. At the end of 2004 Boomerang started to record the follow-up of Weaveworld, called BALANCE OF HATE which consolidated the success of BOOMERANG in todays increasing competition for the favour of metal fans worldwide. Acclaimed shows as support for bands like MAJESTY, TANKARD, DEW-SCENTED, SABATON, EMERALD, WIZARD and many more highlighted BOOMERANG's qualitys as an energetic and charismatic live-act. In 2005 two Shows in Greece as support for US-Legend JAG PANZER in front of a raving crowd has proven the fact that BOOMERANG is a force to be reckoned with. With the release of our third album, S.O.S, Boomerang signed to Pure Steel Records, the up and coming company delivering only quality metal. Watch out for news ! Weniger anzeigen

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