Marrying post-punk and indie rock harmonies with heavy, distorted guitars and memorable hook lines, introspective lyrics and the occasional psychedelic riffs. aus Berlin, seit 2018



The origins of BOWMAN can be traced back to the summer of 2017, when Benny (drums), Flo (bass) and Giuseppe (vocals and guitar) got together in an old workshop in Berlin’s Parchimer Allee with a simple goal: to grab a beer and “make some noise”.
At first, this noise consisted mainly of pure jamming sessions and reworking Giuseppe’s acoustic tracks. But by the end of the year, with Christoph (guitar) on board, the noise started to evolve and materialize into songs. The band was born. The name BOWMAN is a homage to the astronaut David Bowman from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and reflects the band’s strenuous odyssey to find a rehearsal studio.
Marrying post-punk and indie rock harmonies, heavy and distorted guitars, memorable hook lines, introspective lyrics and the occasional psychedelic riffs, B (...) Mehr anzeigenOWMAN’s sound takes influence from artists like Interpol, The Black Keys, Oasis or Pavement.
“Parchimer” is BOWMAN’s first EP and a homage to the place where they first started making noise. Weniger anzeigen


Christoph Leib



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