Built 4 Speed

Rock, Alternative/Independent, Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly aus Bad Oeynhausen, seit 2006



In the event Johnny, Gamasche, Voodoo Finger and Luca Brasi are for once not roaming european’s stages to revolutionize rockabilly, they roam Johnny’s garden, precisely his patio right next to the king-size-barbecue in rural Westfalia – come rain or come shine, but always equipped with Beck’s beer. Bad Oeynhausen isn’t exactly the heart of Rock’n Roll, but the headquarter of Rockabilly-fraction BUILT 4 SPEED, who are due to release ‘MINOR PART TWO’ in September – their latest album not only dusts off “rockabilly“, it refreshingly breathes new life into an old-skool-genre. Every song is self-penned by Johnny, who is struck by muse only during the night. He strictly composes in a minor key (hence the album title), as Johnny thinks minor best transports his message: “inspiriation for my songs (...) Mehr anzeigen are experiences within the circle of my friends. My tunes address topics of heart & soul, love and pain – I just LOVE a minor key for that” Every single BUILT 4 SPEED song on MINOR PART II could be taken right off of a Tarantino soundtrack, which guarantees joyous yet crooked music making, topped with hooky song structures swirling in best sound quality. Along with the only cover “Personal Jesus“ (peak 27 Alternative/Clubcharts), there are thirteen stimulating compositions like “Suicide Girl“ (9), a melody marking your memory in seconds, or the fantastic „Six Feet Under“ (4) that you best listen to in a convertible, while having the wind give you a new hairdo. There are many upbeat titles like these, yet also more muted tones such as “Just Playing My Bass“. Minor Part II , however, is one thing for sure: an album you can listen to from A to Z with a growing sense of delight. 4 musicians of 4 directions were consolidated in November 2005 by Johnny’s simple task of placing an advertisement in a daily newspaper: „popstar in the making is looking for like-minded musicians”. The result: BUILT 4 SPEED: four cool dudes, who –pressed on CD or live on stage– take off like a rocket when playing rockabilly, wrapped in 4/4-tact minor tones. During a concert of they guys in a small club you’ll find yourself drinking at LEAST one beer too many, but next day despite major hangover you’ll conclude you were having a great time last night. Says Johnny: „we always try to give 110%. That way our audience is just as beat after the concert as we are. But it’s a great feeling to know that the folks go home, having enjoyed us and themselves”. After a few club gigs and supporting Lee Rocker (Stray Cats) and Slim Jim Phantom Trio the band first released their debut EP ‘Minor Part I’ in April 2006, now –in September 2007– followed by CD/DVD ‚Minor Part II’ with live-material (including footage of legendary WDR-Rockpalast TV performance, screening on WDR TV on Aug.5, 2007) and pictures, video clips and 14 new & satisfying studio tracks… The album release will kick off with yet another european tour, luckily the band’s main diet ingredient is available throughout the countries: iced Beck’s Beer! BUILT 4 SPEED prefer playing in Berlin or anywhere in Italy (that’s where the prettiest girls can be found – according to Johnny), also Ibiza is favoured (obviously because of the sun), Sicily as well (along the way visiting Luca’s family), and naturally Johnny’s home Bulgaria always comes in handy. Some dates will be supporting SLIM JIM PHANTOM tour (STRAY CATS). Does the guy need to fear the massive power of BUILT 4 SPEED in his warm-up program? Says Johnny: „SLIM JIM is making music for 30 years now. I don’t think this man needs to fear anything. I’m just happy to be going on tour with him, that’s all.“ BUILT 4 SPEED – 4 COOL DUDES AND THEIR PROFILES: Sicilian Luca Brasi (pic:very right) allegedly has no connections to the mafia, even though he’s from Corleone of all places, and would love to move back to Palermo. Rather suspicious, we find. Especially considering that his dearest pet is „dead rabbit“. He also claims to have loved spending an evening with Charles Bukowski, whose protagonists -as we know- included criminals, drunkards, hookers or other low-lifes. But actually, Signore Brasi is harmless: His biggest luxury was the purchase of a piano, and his biggest dream yet is to once fly to Las Vegas – which is a realistic option bearing the band’s success in mind… Luca Brasi (Gretsch Guitar) played amongst other bands in the 90’s in trash metal formation ‘Mortuary’. Voodoo Finger (pic:mid-right) likes speaking in saxon and bavarian dialect with his two carthusian cats, if only to confuse them. Other than that he’s not a many of many words. He practices guitar instead, much to satisfy his urge for perfection (zodiac sign: virgo!). Frugality is one of his virtues, and since he cannot cook, he keeps himself satisfied with his favourite meal ‚Red Bull and Jägermeister on striploin steak’. The lady of his dreams is a Gibson Doubleneck, but Mr. Faithful Voodoo Finger sticks to his Les Paul instead, cute, eh? However, don’t ever make the mistake of turning up late for an interview – Voodoo won’t forget or forgive until the day you die. Voodoo Finger (Les Paul Guitar) formely played in punk/rock band SIX PACK and various rockabilly bands in Minden and Bremen. Since (pic:mid-left) Johnny’s budgie „Tschubriza“ (named after a famous bulgarian savory dish) has passed away, Johnny misses his home at the black sea even more so. Here he finds not only the inspiration for BUILT 4 SPEED’s songs, but also granny Maria’s fantastic food. On dull days he watches Peter Sellers movies (Inspektor Clouseau!) and sings in russian, yet on sunny days our hardcore-rotissier and hobby-actor organises barbecues with his combo. Thanks to the official Beck’s Beer dispenser and a professional grill of proud 1,50 m width (true north american BBQ-standard) a garden party thrown by Johnny can only become a major success. Johnny (Singer & King Doublebass), played in the 90’s in e.g. rockabilly band ‚Canadian Club’ touring Europe, released several CD’s, worked as a studio musician, as DJ/moderator at radio NRW, as guest musician. As an actor he starred in B-MOVIES „NIGHTTRAIN TO HELL“ and „THE HENGMAN”. We advise extra caution in dealing with Gamasche (pic:very left). Others live on love alone – but this guy lives on beer alone, also, he calls two hedgehogs his housemates – a perfect counterpart to a man who considers himself untameable, ever since he lost his faith in true love. On a day off, this hardcore-single doesn’t get up before late afternoon and spends his leisure time listening to trustworthy vinyls (when in bad mood) or he repairs bicycles (when surprisingly in a good mood!). If Gamasche hadn’t become fulltime-drummer of BUILT 4 SPEED, he would be haunting the motorways as a danish truck driver dragging his heels in wooden holland clogs – happy go lucky, good choice, dude! Gamasche (Pearl Drums) – former band: Repertoire Cats. BUILT 4 SPEED – MINOR PART 2 | RELEASE-DATE: Sept.28, 2007 | built4speed.de


Track listing MINOR PART II. 1. BACK AGAIN | 2. TIME | 3. PERSONAL JESUS | 4. SIX FEET UNDER | 5. PLAY OR PAY | 6. SO COOL | 7. JUDGEMENT DAY | 8. PSYCHOTIC WALTZ | 9. SUICIDE GIRL | 10. BY MY SIDE | 11. IN PAIN WE TRUST | 12. SUN | 13. JUST PLAYING THE BASS | 14.FINAL CURTAIN Contact: RADIO: Die4Ma, Mitja Bruch, mitja.bruch@die4ma.com, tel. 0231-162248 | TV: Scout Promotion, Stephie Pierre & Angel Cisek, info@scout-promotion.de, tel. 040-52980529 | Presse Promotion: Brooke-Lynn Promotion, Biggy Bräckle, birgit@brooke-lynn-promotion.de, tel. +49 (0) 711-450 54 33
Record Company : Cargo Regords Germany Weniger anzeigen





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