Burning Lizzard

Moderner Rock mit Alternative-, Blues-, Hard- und Classic-Rock-Elementen aus Bielefeld, seit 2017


Driven by the idea of making music together as a group of friends their whole lives, the vision began to come real towards the end of 2017. The group's line-up of today was finally formed around mid-2018, when the band had their first gig including mostly cover songs, at a car repair shop near their hometown. The audience was very supportive und encouraged them to forge their own sound from that point on.
The straight rock sound of AC/DC laid the foundation for the band's rather minimalist sound in general, forming a counter part for the rising glam rock and metal movement in their hometown involving their buddy-buddy band Showdown and also the large singer-songwriter community in the Bielefeld music scene.
The guitar playing consisting of a well-rounded mixture of arpeggiated chords and p (...) Mehr anzeigenower chords is based on the style of the likes of the Foo Fighters or U2 and also the more melodical bands of the Grunge era such as Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. The hard and distorted bass sound inspired by the style of Motörhead's late great Lemmy Kilmister together with the dynamic drums à la Black Keys supply the rhythmic framework to the impelling live and studio sound of Burning Lizzard. Blended with a deep, sonorous and powerful lead singing voice that also reaches the high pitches very well, the future looks as bright as ever for this rising troop. Weniger anzeigen


Fabian Koch


Bobby Veltins

Bassist, Background-Sänger

Marco Hilla



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