Black Drone Metal / Ambient aus Berlin, seit 2005



In the year of 2006 four students decided to start an open-minded Black Metal project. The line-up consisted of Konstantin on the keys, Balthasar (aka Eleutheros) on the bass, Atys (aka Narkoth) as guitarist and Frank on the drums.
While the first rehearsals took place in Konstantin's basement without drums and just with the most necessary equipment, we were able to switch to a well equipped room after half a year. Because of musical differences, Frank decided to leave COMA very soon.
Fortunately Amok joined COMA two months later, so we were able to play our first live-show and record a Demo CD. After the release of the record, Konstantin left the band too, again caused by musical differences.
Four months later Sigrdrifa joined COMA on the keys, so we were complete again, gained some exper (...) Mehr anzeigenience with live shows and stuff and recorded a second Demo CD. As Sigrdrifa left the band in October of 2007, we decided to replace the synthesizer with a second guitar. All necessary synthesizer tracks have been recorded and are brought in on a live show as additional audio tracks.
In the end of 2007 Inciter completed COMA once more as guitarist and handled the synthesizer tracks on two gigs.

In the beginning, the sound of COMA was influenced by raw old school Black Metal combined with some symphonic parts. After Sigrdrifa joined we increased the speed of our music and added more symphonic stuff. Only a little time ago we started to do some Ambient Drone Metal sessions, which will be combined with our classic material. At the moment we try to create a sound less symphonic and more disturbing and complex than our old stuff. Weniger anzeigen


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