Kaeos-PoP-punk aus Auersthal, seit 2008


Label: Earcatcher Records


Worst affected by pop punk bands (like Blink 182, Greenday, Sum 41, the Offspring and many more) it was not hard to decide what the band’s music should sound like!
It was clear that just a pop punk band is what it should be!

Through the years the "kindergarten kids" (mentally) became something society likes to call adults!
Beards started growing (more or less), faces looked mature but their minds missed to join this process, they remain young (maybe too young?!)
Exactly this ability, of being young combined with a grown up view on the world, is what lets the whole thing look and sound like a complete band...
A band that never forgets who they are! 4 people who are doing this because of having fun!
Not a single thought was lost of being famous or becoming rockstars... the aim was to expres (...) Mehr anzeigens the lifestyle of the bands members.
Not a single fuck was given for anything that "should be done"...

"Wherever this might lead us, as long as I can take my guitar with a smile on my face and sing the songs with the thoughts of why I wrote them, it is right!" singer romaN says.
"In simple words... as long as we have fun with what we are doing it definitely is worth it!" guitarist Behave added

In 2011 the bands setup was completed and the 4-piece is going their way exactly how they want to do it!

"For me it´s not just playing in a band... it´s having a good time with my friends and letting out what is inside of me!" bassist Pats once said

This describes best what DirtyWink is.. A chaotic party 4-piece that just wants to have fun (some might call it "playing")
No matter what... DirtyWink goes on stage for giving the audience a good time... for making them forget their problems and sorrows if only for the short period of time a concert lasts.

"This is what it is" drummer Tobi said "If we can make people feeling a bit better, we did our job well!"

And we all know that a party is the best way to have some fun and feel good...
We know that life is nothing more and nothing less… A Party! Weniger anzeigen


Roman Miksch

Sänger, Gitarrist


Bassist, Sänger


Sänger, Gitarrist


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