Parrandera Records

Label, gegründet 2017
Hilde-Ephraim-Str. 91, 14193 Berlin


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The goal of Parrandera Records is to bring people together through the universal language of music .
Parrandera Records is an Berlin based independant record label and music agency that connects local and Los Angeles based artists to the Berlin and Los Angeles music scene through its network of music industry contacts.

In addition to regular label activities, the agency provides services to artists including consulting, promotion, tour booking, event programming, and PR outreach.

The agency works with singer songwriters, pop, electronic and folk artists.
We are open to other genres, but we primarily work with these groups.

Beside on our main focus to the Los Angeles and Berlin music scene, we are also open for artists from everywhere worldwide.


ain't me

mix of chilled and danceable singer-songwriter-pop-reaggae-chanson-flow-sound aus Berlin


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