Firstborn Unicorn

Rock, Funk aus Frankfurt, seit 2016



Firstborn Unicorn formed in late 2016 by three jung men who stumbled upon each other in an online forum. The first two years of the bands existence where dedicated to intense songwriting and touring besides full-time jobs to pay the bills. Throughout the struggle of being jung, wild and unexperienced the band separated from founding drummer, Valentin.
Remaining Alu and Eric decided to keep the project going, aiming for their first album. A total of five drummers supported the group in 2019 live and in the studio. Unfortunately none of them sticked except Sebastian aka Buddy from Buddy Records, who played the drums on the bands first Studio Album "OFF OUTSIDE". It will be released soon, on February 15th 2020.
Up next in 2020: We'll be touring Germany in Spring and Fall. Stick around for da (...) Mehr anzeigentes & new releases! Weniger anzeigen


Eric Fogg

Sänger, Gitarrist


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