Freakwave Metal Cover

Pop, Metal aus Berlin, Deutschland, Welt, seit 2014



2014 an idea was born: TOP TEN – UP TO `LEVEN ...
... aiming for the goal to dress up pop songs in a metal gown;
and to see it all with a winking, since there are already enough bands out there that take it all too seriously.
First brought to life as a mere studio project by guitarist Marcus „Rooky“ Forstbauer, no other than his old companion and best friend Björn Sypitzki came to mind for being the Man on the Bass.
To complete the outfit they joined forces with drummer Jan Türk in 2015.
All three of them have had longtime experience as live and studio musicians, having toured with a vast variety of bands and projects all over the world. They also have been part of the „Wacken Open Air“ for years as well as the „Internationale Musikmesse“ (tradeshow) in Frankfurt/Main.
Whoever had the luck (...) Mehr anzeigen to see them live knows that good fun and entertainment is of the utmost importance here! Weniger anzeigen


Marcus Forstbauer



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