Lotec: eine Mixtur zwischen Techno und melodic lo-fi hiphop... But with the rhythm of techno ;) aus Hannover, seit 2018


Music has been following me throughout my entire life. I started to play the piano at the age of four, saxophone at the age of twelve and guitar and ukulele around the age of fourteen. Even though I played all of these instruments I never had the feeling of being in complete control of my own creations. My teachers never really understood me and my dreamy mindset. This is why I started working with garageband at a very young age. It gave me the freedom to fly with the sound.
After a few years of producing music I realised that beautiful sounds don’t only have to come from instruments, synthesisers or physical elements but can also be acquired by the unobvious nature of a moment. The universe is full of hints, indicating sounds no matter where you are. We ignore them just like the air aroun (...) Mehr anzeigend us. I started experimenting with the unobvious nature of abstract but still pure and natural sound. No matter in which environment space and time put me in, I recorded the unintelligible wave lengths on my journeys and created my own sound library. The philosophy to create something out of nothing has conquered my mind. It motivates me to the extreme, that I do not want to miss the chance of mastering this art.
I'll try my best to give the best performance I can wherever I will have the chance to that! :) Weniger anzeigen


Max Blücher

Ukulelespieler, Pianist, Saxophonist, DJ, Digital-DJ, Producer


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