Johnny Cosmo (feat. Rough'n Rude)

Old School Rock For Today! aus Stuttgart, seit 2013


Label: Clarke Jones Records   Management/Booking: Clarke Jones


Born in the Year of the Love, Peace and Hotdogs era, under the name John H. Chadwick Jr. (A U.S. Army Bratt, born in the Old School of his Dad in Europe).
Johnny, moved to the States with his family in 1975 and then back to Germany (Stuttgart) in 1986. In 1988, Johnny moved back to the States and lived in Florida and California. Then, Johnny moved back to Stuttgart, Germany from Orlando, Florida in 1989. Even then, Johnny fell in Love with the Great Sounds of ROCK, like Jimmi Hendrix, Led Zep, VanHalen, ect…
A Natural Talent on the Bass Guitar, Johnny joined and started lots of Bands, like CERBERUS, SCAVENGER, Violent Touch, P.I.M.P, Preacher’s Pit and last but Not Least, Rough ‘N’ Rude…
Still hungry for a Style & Sound Johnny was tasting for, he came up with his Own Tasty Fast Food Solo A (...) Mehr anzeigenlbum, “TWISTER”.
Clarke Jones-RNR Records
I want to thank God, my Mom & Dad for my Talent!!!
I want to Dedicate this CD to my Boys (You are my Heroes and I Love You Both Deeply)!!!
To all of the Ladies That I have Loved…
You are all in My Soul!!!
To all of the Non Believers, EAT THIS, BITCH!!!
To my Crew, Love + Respect…
To Patrick Kilgus @ Popmusic Studios, Johnny Chadwick and Clarke Jones at W.H.E. & RNR Records, You’re The BEST!!!
To all my Fans & Friends, Love, Peace, and Hotdogs, now please Enjoy!!!
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