Pop, Alternative/Independent aus Augsburg, seit 2017

Label und Management: Lieblingslieder Records


Imagine you’re a songwriter. One day you wake up and find that suddenly there are these new, different songs and you have no idea where they came from. There appears to be a new place within the space that is your music but you don’t quite know how to locate it and explore it. What would you do?
This is exactly what happened to Joe. He has been in an indie band for more than 10 years but these new songs that came out of the blue belonged somewhere else. Somewhere he hasn’t gone before. So he searched for someone to help him enter and explore this new place, and found producer Occupanther, who set him on the right path. Joe made the first step into this unknown area and he called it LAKEDAIMON.
The deeper he got into LAKEDAIMON the clearer it became that it was full of new opportunities and (...) Mehr anzeigen new ways to combine his pop and folk informed songwriting with electronic and drone elements, jazz chord progressions and sampled beats. He found that not only was LAKEDAIMON a new place in his own musical universe but in the pop music landscape in general. A place that is worth showing. Weniger anzeigen


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