Last Kind Words

Melodic Deathemtal / Metalcore aus Ulm, seit 2014



Last Kind Words is a Metalcore / Melodic Death Metal band from Ulm, Germany.
With breakdowns, fast guitar riffs and vocals from growling to melodic clean vocals, Last Kind Words combines
the heavy aspects of Metal with a melancholic vibe. The different musical tastes of the bandmembers have a big influence on the music and this explains the rather unique style of Last Kind Words.

Founded in 2014 by Lucas Karremann (Bass), Timo Pohl (Vocals) and Konstantin Heiss (Guitar and Vocals) Last Kind Words had some line-up changes in the beginning and since 2015 the band is added by Samuel Böhringer (Guitar) and Timo Speidel (Drums).
In the summer of 2015 the band started writing own songs and producing demos, which were published in late 2015. On March 2016 was the first live performance by the ba (...) Mehr anzeigennd. Most of the members already gathered some experience in other bandprojects before Last Kind Words.
On the 9th November 2018 the band released their first EP on Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer and iTunes.
The lyrics in the songs are inspired from various topics such as drug abuse, the problems of modern society, destructive use of the internet and paternalism. Weniger anzeigen


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