The Levitenlasers

Jazz-Rock der Spaß macht. aus Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt, seit 2015

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„Fürst Lesson and the Levitenlasers“ is an energetic band that brings you a mix of rock, funk and jazz, or as they say: „heavy metal bebop“.
One of their fundamental objectives is to fight the cliché of jazz being a snobby kind of music. The Levitenlasers create a style of music that is for your head, heart and of course for your dancing shoes.
In many venues all over Germany The Levitenasers had the opportunity to pump up the crowds. Are you prepared to get excited?

Eric Sacher is one of the most versatile and talented violinists this side of Alpha Centauri. You know
that he is a true virtuoso by the first time that you listen to one of his dizzying solos.

Jerome Saborowsky is a master of groove. His drumset is the place where new hip beats are steadily
evolving. Feel the power of h (...) Mehr anzeigenis amazing art: rhythms that make your body dancing immediately.

Robin Knötzsch can be called a poet when he forms the harmonic basement of everything. His tasty bass lines are full of joy. Through his instrument, Robin tells you the most exciting stories wich flow from his endless musical creativity.

If you hear that Max Rembe is playing, you better go and watch the way he tickles his 6 strings: his fellows call him "the translator", as he speaks all languages of music fluently. His down-to-earth mentality pairs just lovely with the sky-scraping music he plays. Weniger anzeigen


Robin Knötzsch



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