progressive Electronic-Folk aus Berlin, seit 2011


The music we create, has been inspired by the sounds of the World - it is not just about folk melodies, but equally the sounds of life around us, - the sounds, which we catch, convert and adapt in our own special way. Respecting the constancy of Tradition, at the same time we remain in a natural harmony with the vibrant world of sounds around us, which is constantly changing, metamorphosing. Being immersing within this soundscape, we discover ourselves and new music spaces, each time from scratch ...

Folk Melodies (Ukrainian, Russian, Jewish), street sounds, wildlife, pulsing rhythms, white singing; unique combination of acoustic instruments with electronic sound effects - all this can be described as progressive Folk-Electronic style, within which we create.

Another interesting element (...) Mehr anzeigenof our program is playing the instrument Bow Chimes, created by Bob Rutman.

Roksana Vikaluk is a Ukrainian singer & composer living in Warsaw.
Spyra is a German musician & sonic explorer based in Berlin. Weniger anzeigen


Wolfram Spyra


  1. Jewish Lullaby (Overture, 2011)Kommentar
  2. Wesilna (short Mix) (Overture, 2011)Kommentar

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